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Auto Weighing / Dosing & Packing System


Acten automatic weighing & dosing system is designed to suit different material conveyance, storage, weighing and discharging especially for the rubber, plastic & food industry.It can deal with different form of raw material such as powder, granulate, lump, liquid or oil.

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The system is fully PLC control, completed with a production process management software, to monitor over the full manufacturing process. We could integrate the whole production line control system, combining with IT technology, connecting all the production process control, scheduling management, material management and quality checking management etc; realising a true remote monitoring and stabilising product quality level.

From upstream auto weighing and dosing system, until downstream auto packing solution, Acten can tailored the solution to best fit into your production.
- Upstream Mixer Auto Weighing System
- Multi Material PLC Auto Dosing System
- Intelligent Manufacturing Process System
- Material Handling Auto Weighing & Packing Solutions

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Auto Weighing & Packing: Product

Auto Weighing

110L kneader Carbon Black &
Processing Oil weighing system

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Small chemicals/material auto dosing system

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Mixer upstream equipment

Precision Performance


Bulk Weighing

Custom Solutions

Auto Weighing & Packing: Homepage_about

General Technical Parameters

  • Number of applicable dosing material : 6 ~ 48

  • Weighing Range of electronic scale : 10 ~ 50 kg / 200 kg 

  • Weighing accuracy - Static : less than 0.1% F.S

  • Weighing accuracy - Dynamic : less than 0.15 % F.S

  • Gradient of weighing display instrument : 1g, 2g, 5g

  • Dosing cycle time and productivity : 200 ~ 600 bags / shift

  • System Equipment noise : less than 75 dB

Auto Weighing & Packing: Inner_about
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Auto Bulk Packing

Standard Model

  • Capacity : 10 ~ 15 bags /hr

  • 100 ~ 1500 kg /bag

  • Accuracy : +/- 0.2%

  • Feeding : Auto Mode

  • Weighing : Auto Mode

  • c/w pneumatic conveying 

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