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Autoclaves / Curing Chamber

Autoclaves, depending on the use of process, are provided with different heating system :
electric / steam / hot oil. Autoclave dimensions may have different usage lengths up to 5000 mm diameter.  
We offer autoclaves not only for tyre retreading purposes, but also for other rubber products curing such as the production of turnkey coating facilities, rubber coating, fender etc

Autoclaves: Homepage_about
Autoclaves: Homepage_about

Tyre Curing Autoclaves

  • Model : AC-MHM-23

  • Design Code : ASME SEC VII DIV 1 2010 EDITION

  • ID : 1500mm

  • Working pressure : up to 100 psi

  • Rim/ rimless or combines curing system

  • PLC automatic control system with touch screen

  • Exhaust manifold for envelope c/w DPC system

  • Data logger for temperature, pressure, time and date recording

  • Automatic / Manual control mode

  • Malfunction Alert

  • Self Diagnose on malfunction & recording features

  • One to one remove access

Autoclaves: Homepage_about
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