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Belt Forming & Vulcanizing

Rubber conveyor belting consists of various fabrics and and different number of steel cord, with a cover of various rubber grades. Acten design and implement different equipments line & production flow, tailored to meet customer's end products requirements; from rubber mixing line, fabric dipping, calendering, green belt forming until vulcanization.

Conveyor Belt Building: Homepage_about

Main Equipment

  1. Extruder

  2. Hydraulic Hot Press

  3. Auxiliary machine for vulcanizing station

  4. Building Line

  • Cloth take-up

  • Belt let-off

  • Front Clamp tension station

  • Tensile Belt Assembly

  • Hydraulic Cutter

  • Winding packaging station

conveyor belt line
Conveyor Belt Building: Homepage_about

Acten Group

Belt Vulcanizing & Auxiliary Equipments

  • Precise temperature control

  • Heating by steam, oil or electric, high quality heating pipe to maintain heating stability, range of temeprature : 0 ~ 300 degree

  • Professional hydraulic components, stable & reliable

  • SIEMENS electrical parts

  • PLC and touch screen control

  • Hydraulic cylinder is made of ZG270-500, ram with close-grained chilled alloy cast iron by casting & fine grinding, hydraulic cyinder is well sealed by YX shape sealing ring

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