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Crumb Rubber Granules

Acten has a recycling division, the first tire recycling facility in malaysia, collecting scrap tire / waste tire, using environmental friendly granulation process to deal with the waste tires.

We provides clean rubber crumbs and steel wire, deriving from our tire recycling facility at different sizes. Samples will be provided upon request.

Various Size:

  • 0 ~ 5 mm granules

  • 1 ~ 3 mm granules

  • 3 ~ 5 mm granules

  • 20 mesh

  • 30 mesh

  • 40 mesh

  • Buffing Dust

Recycle Tire Crumb: Homepage_about
Recycle Tire Crumb: Product

Products We Offer

Our Supplies

rubbe crumb


tire crumb

20 mesh

tire powder

40 mesh

rubber powder

Steel Wire

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