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Curing Press: Homepage_about


Curing Press: Homepage_about

Total Vulcanization Solution

Professional Custom Support

Acten had been specializing in providing hydraulic press machine since our establishment in 1994. 

We provide a wide range of vulcanizing hot press, ranging from 20 to 10,000 tons mostly made-to-order products. We provide turnkey solution and technical service, for complete machinery installation and production line planning.

Our range of products include

  • Column type Vulcanizing Press

  • Precure Tread Liner Molding Press

  • Foaming Press Machine

  • Hydraulic Heating Press Machine

  • Plate Vulcanizing Machine

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Precure Tread Hydraulic Hot Press

is well known for its design, advanced features and superior performance. Distinctive Features:

  • H-Frame Structure that offers unsurpassed structural strength

  • 1150 MT working pressure

  • Prevent uneven curing of tread rubber with lop-sided thickness

  • Auto-bumping capabilities

  • User-friendly, quick load & unload device

  • PLC control

  • Customize to fit customer's requirements

Curing Press: Homepage_about
Curing Press: Homepage_about

Column Type Hot Press

  • Applicable for various rubber moulding production

  • PLC control & touch screen

  • Auto mold closing, air exhaust, temperature control, timing setting

  • Custom mold push out system

  • Well-sealed hydraulic cylinder with precise grinding and finishing

  • Stable hydraulic pressure station

Curing Press: Homepage_about

Vacuum Vulcanizing Machine

  • Dual motor Dual pump double the oil system design, two or more working stations

  • The former top mold opening and closing, the mold clamping mechanism introduced from the mold is opened in front of the machine, easy to take products

  • Using high vacuum hood design, near complete vacuum environment, improve the mold exhasut performance

  • Vacuum hood complete the vacuum of 650mmHG and above within 4 seconds, for precise modling

  • Application : O-ring, keyboard, plugs, gaskets, conductive products, and other sophisticated edge applications

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