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Acten provides the retreading of passenger car tire PCR , 4X4 tires , light truck with hot retreading method. This is the conventional tire retreading method, that uses segmented molding press to cure tire with the selected mold and pattern.

Hot Retread Equipment: Homepage_about

Product Range: 

  • Tyre Inspection Machine

  • Tyre Buffing Machine

  • Tyre Building Machine

  • Auto Tread Extruder Builder

  • Monorail System

  • Segment Curing Press

  • Segment Mold

Hot Retread Equipment: Homepage_about
Hot Retread Equipment: Homepage_about

PCR AZS Series

Hot Retread Equipment: Product
tire curing press

Conical Curing Press

  • AZS series

  • suitable for PCR tire

  • c/w conical guiding device

  • adjustable mold : 6 or 9 pc

segment curing press

Segment Press

  • AFL series

  • Segment press to provide tighter uniformity

  • Replaceable internal mold 

  • Optional center structure, curing bag or bladder


Segment Mold

  • Custom design, size, material

  • Steel mold

  • EDM

  • Segment mold


Tread Extruder Builder

  • AEX-2000

  • For extruding, winding and building the orbitread on casing on tire

  • extruder size : 75mm / 90mm/ 120mm

  • PLC control s

  • 180~650kg/hour

Hot Retread Equipment: Homepage_about

The retreading process starts with initial inspection, buffing and the activities of skiving, repairing, filling and cementing, all aimed at having the casing ready for the building process.

We offer the traditional building machine in manual and also the Fully Automatic type that is the application by a cold feed extruder with the strip winding method; the sidewalls can be applied manually or with an extruder, and the final result is a tire newly built from bead to bead.

Hot Retread Equipment: Homepage_about
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