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Acten OTR retreading solutions provides machinery for small to large OTR tyres, for both HOT & COLD method. 

OTR tire retreading is a business that covers very different market segments and therefore requires special knowledge in order to be successfully performed, in particular for the very large sizes above 49”. 

  • Small OTR tyres, from 24” up to 35” rim diameter, which is normally done with the hot method similar to the one used for truck tyres, with final vulcanization in curing presses; or cold method as current development

  • OTR tyres from 35” up to 49” with specific moulding and regrooving method

OTR Retread Equipment: Homepage_about
OTR Retread Equipment: Product
OTR Buffing.jpg

OTR Buffing


OTR Building

OTR Enveloping Machine.jpg


OTR Chamber.jpg

Curing Chamber

For larger OTR, it is recommended to use hot retread method. Most casing of giant OTR is not desirable, while retreading with cold method has higher requirements of casing. The hot cure method will cover more area of the tire, and is more suitable to apply to the off-road condition.

OTR Retread Equipment: Homepage_about
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