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Plastic Extrusion Equipment

Plastic extrusion industry is one of the fast growing industry with continuous innovative break-through. Acten provides an advanced, state-of-the-art quality plastic extrusion equipments that covers majority of the plastic profile extrusion & compounding, such as production line of pipe, sheets, profile, hose etc ; and feed production line for pet food.

We also provides downstream pelletizing equipments for various application and services, please get in touch today.

conical extruder

ASZ series

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Twin screw extrusion is used extensively for mixing, compounding, or reacting polymeric materials. The flexibility of twin screw extrusion equipment allows this operation to be designed specifically for the formulation being processed.

plastic extrusion

Profile Extrusion

AFY series

  • PVC plastic window and door's, cross-section cable pipes, Profile & foamed Profile extrusion line

  • PVC/PC/PP/PE special profile production line : plastic door, window profile etc

  • Plastic & wood profile and decoration plate extrusion line

  • Plastic & wood pelletizing

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Polymers Compounding Equipment

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Compounding Line

-PVC compounding line : windows/ door profile, door panel, gasket..

-PP compounding system : plastic pipes, ropes, nets

-PE compounding system :wrapping materials and plastic pipes, etc.

-PC/ABS compounding line : shell of mobile phone / TV


Acten offers a complete line of single and twin screw compounding system and reprocessing extrusion systems featuring extruders designed for the specific application.
All systems incorporate proven process engineered feed screw designs with optional venting, side feeding and complete process feed systems for volumetric, gravimetric weigh blending or starve feeding of the materials provided as required.

Please email us for tailored solutions.

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