PET Bottle Washing Line

Acten provides a complete high-quality and highly efficient equipment for PET recycling, it mainly handles the recycling of PET bottles into clean PET flakes. Our solutions are ideal for different capacity and investment requirement. Outputs starting at 500 kg/hr to 3000 kg/hr.

The PET washing line is mainly to recycle the waste PET bottles, PET sheet, PET packing containers and other PET material.

Main equipment supply scope:

  1. Trommel Seperator

  2. PVC Label Remover Machine

  3. Sorting system / metal detector

  4. PET Crusher / Plastic Crusher / Plastic Granulator

  5. Flakes Floating washing tank / Sink Float Seperation Tank

  6. Hot Washing system

  7. Frication washing system / Friction washer

  8. Dewatering Machinery

  9. Hot air drying system / Thermal Dryer

  10. Packing system


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Line Overview

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Trommel Machine

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Plastic Crusher

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Washing Tank


Our APP-R series equipments are fully automated , easy to operate, with capacity from 300kg/hr up to 1000kg/hr., producing the final film size 30 ~ 50mm. We offer turnkey project solutions with full installation and commissioning.

APP-R-500 equipment supply scope:

  1. Feeding Conveyor

  2. Trommel Separator 

  3. Wet Crusher

  4. Screw feeder

  5. High speed frication washer

  6. Floating washing tank

  7. Dewatering Machine

  8. Hot Air drying machine

  9. Packing & Weighing


PP/PE FILM Recycling