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We have been working with world leading tread rubber manufacturer, gained specialise know-how in tread rubber manufacturing, from machine supply, formulation consultancy and production flow design.
Acten Precure Tread Finishing Line dominate the market for its quality and efficiency.
We have sold diiferent model to the world leading tread rubber manufacturers, taoilored to production requirement.The process involves buffing off the tread rubber surface, eliminate the oxidized surface and reach desired texture.

Precure Tread Line: Homepage_about



Product Range: 

  • 2 head / 3 head / 4 head Sanding Machine

  • Wing type tread Sanding Machine

  • Condour type Sanding Machine

  • Edge Sanding Machine

  • Auto cementing / laminated type machine

  • Tread Rubber Coiling / Packing Machine

  • Poly Film Stretch Packing Machine

Precure Tread Line: Homepage_about
Precure Tread Line: Product
tread sanding machine

Tread Sanding / Buffing

Acten Tread Sanding Machines c/w various model
- Single Head
- 2 Head
- 1 + 3 / 1 +4 Head
- 4 Head
For various production requirement

auto cementing machine

Auto Cementing

Laminated type Auto Cementing Station
- clean & labor-free
- easy to operate
- cement cost saving
- even cement layer

tread finishing line


  • Tread Packing Machine

  • Poly Flim wrapping

Tread Sanding

Wing Tread Buffing

We design special processing machine for different tread rubber, such as wing type, eclipse type liner.

Precure Tread Line: Homepage_about

We have continuous searching for solution in simplifying and increse the production efficiency of the precure tread finishing line, without complicating the process. The auto-cementing machine is one of the perfect innovation, to replace the manual cement station, saving cement solution cost, give a clean and even cement layer on the tread. Wing type sanding machine is developed under the same spirit.

Precure Tread Line: Homepage_about


Precure Tread Line: Homepage_about

Cushion Gum Cooling & Coiling line

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