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Recycling: Product

Recycle in Acten

Acten Recycling Solutions

We have the first tire recycling facility in Malaysia. Scrap no more. Recycle your tire in Acten.

Raising Global Issue

We must Recycle

In respond with the raising global environmental issues, we have dedicated a large part of our work in searching and working on different recycling solutions with our esteemed partners from different industry. We have made great development in prolonging products life cycle and giving these so-called waste materials a new life.


Use the Right Solution Today

Reduce & Reuse

We have a closed-loop solution for recycling. Less than 10% of waste tire in Malaysia is being collected and recycle.

Stop burning, no more landfilling. 

We can recycle tire.

What is the right solution?

New Life, New Cycle

The dumping of these daily consumption goods had imposed a severe challenge for our environment. Nevertheless, a wrong recycling method such as burning or landfilling could only bring a greater damage to the problem.

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