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2, 3, 4 Roll Calender

Rubber calender machine can be divided into paste calender, friction calender, pressure type rolling machine, laminating calender and other.
Roller arrangement : I type, T type, L type, Z type and S type
The rubber calender is designed with different auxiliary devices to accomodate various processes such as rubberizing and fricitoning.

rubber calender
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  1. The machine is made of chilled castiron alloys,whose work surface has high hardness,so it is wear-resistant and durable.

  2. In production ,the steam, cooling water and heat-conducting oil can be passed into the roller's cavity, so that the working temperature can be adjusted in order to meet the technological requirement.

  3. Roller gap can be adjusted both by manual or electric mode.

  4. Roller bearings lubricating can adopt drier oil or dilute oil.

caleder mill
3 roll calende mil
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