Acten had been providing reclaimed rubber / rubber desulphurisation machinery and know-how since year 2005, throughout years of development, we had been implementing and advancing our technology in providing a better, more stable and environmental friendly reclaim rubber solutions.

Our conventional production line includes the pressurised vessel desulphurizer/ heating tank , possess different shortcomings.

The new non-pressurized continuous desulphurization process and machinery is an important innovation. It provides a new energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and efficient reclaim process.


ASR Reclaim adds the softener and activator to waste rubber powder, at atmospheric pressure and high temperature, disconnect the linkage of the S=C, S=S, to achieve the purpose of plasticization and desulphurization.
Mains components of this system: Main heating system, automatic control system, cooling system and batching system.

Model : ASR10 / ASR 15 / ASR 20 / ASR 30 
Production capacity : 7 – 12 tons in 24 hours/day (depends on model) 
Heating method : Electromagnetic
Power : 170 KW
Operating temperature : 200 ~ 320 C
Dimension : ± 11800 * 5100 * 5100 (mm)
Weight : ± 18,500 KG


ASR Rubber Devulcanizer


Downstream Machinery

refiner mill.jpg

Refiner Mill



Scrap Rubber New Life Cycle

  • Environmental protection and energy saving:

  • no waste water, waste gas, using circulating water cooling; Plasticizing.

  • Power consumption power ton of 100-170KW

  • Easy operation: PLC control, Main machine Interface operation

  • Using electromagnetic heating or Heat conduction Oil furnace in 2 ways

  • Products do not stick on conveyor, no need to clean up, with production while cleaning function

  • Produce high tensile reclaim rubber