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Rubber Extruder: Feature

Rubber Profile Extruder

The extrusion line manufactures endless strips of profiled, or shaped compounds. 
We offers various type of general rubber extruder, fit for different capacity requirements.

Pin Cold Feed

Pin barrel for sectional structure, feeding belt over the barrel of the spiral groove, and the roller with increase the feeding capacity, plasticizing and extruding barrel containing different numbers on the pin.

Pin cold feed extruder.JPG
rubber_epdm extrusion.jpg

Profile Extrusion

Acten provides a quality profile production system to manufacture profiles of rubber, TPE or silicone. We recognized the importance of different extrusion and vulcanization technology, completed with suitable cooling, cutting and winding system for a steady production flow.

Cold Feed Extruder

AJW series

  1. Applicable for rubber extrusion

  2. Spiral channel with fuselage system, good thermal conductivity

  3. Screw and bushing adopt nitrided steel for good strength and wear resistance

  4. Screw structure adopt main thread structure for good plasticizing and self cleaning

  5. c/w temperature control unit controlled by hot water circulating device

  6. c/w AC variable frequency or DC motor

Pin Cold Feed Extruder

AJD series

  1. Pin type cold feed extruder of Acten is introduced with advance manufacturing technology

  2. Pin barrel for sectional structure, increase plasticizing

  3. Screw by CNC milling, polished with high accuracy, nitrided treatment

  4. Strong extrusion capability, lower temperature generation, stable production 

Rubber Extruder: News

Cold Feed Extruder

We offer extruder in different diameter, 55mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm for tubes, profiles, tyre treads, blanks, slugs, fuel tubes, fenders, rubber liners & other technical extrusions.

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