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Mixing Equipment: Product

Rubber Mixer : Banbury , Kneader

Acten provide a wide range of compound mixing equipments

for different production requirement, rubber hardness and capacity.

Rubber Internal Mixer / Intensive Mixer/ Banbury

It is mainly used for plasticating, mixing and final mixing the stock

Range of specifications:25L-650L

Type of rotor: To be advise

Intermeshing rotor: NG intermeshing rotor

Type of ram: hydraulic type, pneumatic type

Rubber (Plastics) Dispersion Mixer / Kneader

It is mainly used for mixing and plasticating rubber or plastics etc.

Range of specifications:55L-150L

Lab kneader

Mixing Equipment: Product

75L Kneader

Rear Feeding Type


Pressurized Mixer

  • Features temperature and time control system for accurate operation​​

  • Pressure sealed mixing chamber for quality assurance and pollution prevention

  • Mixing chamber with top quality alloy steel

  • High shearing force and transmission effect

  • PLC control

Mixing Equipment: Welcome
Mixing Equipment: Welcome
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Mixing Equipment: Product
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