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"New Roads made with rubberized asphalt modifier will last longer"

We need green road

Rubberized Asphalt

Global infrastructure network is developing at a lightning speed, with billion miles of road crisscross the world. Conventional pavements are made of either asphalt or concrete, these materials require major maintenance every 10 to 20 years. The high maintenance cost has called for better, modified materials.

Rubberized asphalt pocesses attributes including reduced maintenance requirements, greater skid resistance, lower noise generation and performance improvements. The new stabilized polymer composite modifiers, based on recycle tire crumbs is a revolutionary developments for paving construction, with a clear leverage over SBS modified asphalt.

For the asphalt industry, which currently depends on materials with very high embedded energy costs - polymer modified bitumen is expensive in carbon terms. Asphalt modifier with ground tyre rubber offer a welcoming and green solution that will last longer with relatively lower material cost. It provides a great environmental friendly indication, both government and industry could save millions of dollars as well as thousands of tons of CO2.

Rubberised Pavement: Homepage_about

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