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Tire Retreading is safe & dependable

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"To Prolong a Tire Life Cycle is our responsibility.
It must be done Right."

Acten Chairman - Steven Aw

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Acten Retreading Service

We Always Deliver

Acten Tire Technology Sdn Bhd was established in year 2006 to provide high quality tire retreading services for our customer. We built our  brand reputation through maintaining a consistent and cohesive retreading solutions.
Backed by Acten Group exclusive know-how in rubber machinery & technology; we are determined to bring good retread for a better tire solutions.

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Green Tire

Tire retreading is very environmentally friendly, that retreading the same tire only will save more than 65% of oil, in compare with the oil consumption to make a new tire. It is cost effective as it performs like new tires at a fraction of the cost. Go Green, Choose your right retreader now.

Tire retreading is an established industry that began in early 1900s, started from North America. It is reinforced by law that retread tires must be used wherever practical in States. Think about it, we use retread tire on aircraft  too! It is very important to understand the reason of a tire failure. Retreading is definitely not a direct cause of it.

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