Suitable for high temperature curing

Stickers are the most cost-effective and simple branding solution that could help promoting your corporate image and implant your business in your customer everyday lives.

Every label are the first impression that could directly reflect your corporate culture, brand values and stories. In today highly competitive business environment, it is about leaving an image! It is small but it sells!


Acten stickers come with different material, allowing the customers to be able to place their logo anywhere they need, tailor for their budget and requirement.


Our tyre stickers series adopting a special material, with high heat resistance, can be cured together with retread tires in the curing chamber, with high wear resistance.

Allowing retreaders to create their distinctive mark on their tires !

  • Special Tire Stickers

  • Art paper

  • Transparent PVC

  • Beige PVC

  • Brown Paper

  • Writing Paper