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Acten wire brush SM series is the cutting edge in brushing technology. They are best suited for precision part finishing applications, and the brush cells can be integrated in the production line. It comes with different diameter of steel wire, and can be custom made to suit your production requirement.

Applicable for

  • Scratch brushing aluminium or other metals for decorative finishing

  • Rubber brushing / rubber sanding, to prepare the rubber for adhesive application

  • Removal of paint, corrosion, weld scale from steel

  • Gently removes paint from wood

  • Sands wooden moldings, railings, turnings

  • Removes cement from tiles, stone...

It has a long durability and effective life of a wire wheel, does not shed bristles, do not oxidize, will not puncture the material surface

Wire Brush: Homepage_about
Wire Brush: Homepage_about

For Sanding Machine

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