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Our cutting edge ASR system for devulcanizing rubber and recycling waste rubber, offers a cost-effective and environmental friendly solution for repurposing waste rubber.


The issue of waste rubber has been a growing concern for environmentalists and the rubber industry alike. Acten had been implementing and advancing our technology in providing a better and more stable reclaim rubber / rubber devulcanization solutions.

The new non-pressurized continuous devulcanization ASR system is an important innovation. The process involves subjecting the rubber to a controlled amount of heat, pressure and shear, disconnecting the linkage of the S=C, S=S, to achieve the purpose of desulphurization.

  • Production capacity : 7 - 12 T per day

  • Power Consumption : 150 - 250 KW

  • PLC control, main machine interface operation

  • Product Property : Tensile 8Mpa, Elongation 300%, Moonery 55-65

Additionally, the ASR system offers several advantages over the traditional reclaim technology. It is environmental friendly solution, without generating waste water and able to handle a wide range of rubber materials, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, butyl rubber , nitrile rubber, EPDM, Latex.

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