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Acten provides twin-screw extruders that find wide application in various industries like plastics, chemicals, food, and medicine. These extruders are ideal for processes like extrusion, granulation, and material handling. The company also offers a range of single-screw,  twin-screw, three screw and lab scale extruder systems that come with their respective benefits and are designed to enhance productivity and tackle different problems.

If you are in search of professional twin-screw extruder manufacturers who offer top-quality products and fast delivery, we are the ideal choice for you. You can reach out to our support team at any time, and we will go above and beyond to fulfill your specific requirements.

Multiple Feeding Methods

  • Single Screw Feeder

  • Twin Screw Feeder

  • Forced Feeder

  • Side Feeder

  • Auto Feeding System

Barrel Features

  • Independent temperature control system

  • Customised solution

Motor Type

  • AC inverter control

  • DC speed regulation

Various Granulating Production Line

  • Water Cooling strand pelletizing

  • Air-cooling pelletizing

  • Water ring pelletising

  • Underwater pelletising

Various form of screen changer

  • Manual type

  • Automatic type

  • Hinge type

  • Multi-station

Screw Features

  • Adopt blocking structure

  • Screw and barrels replacable

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