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Our hydraulic Presses are designed for precision and reliability, capable of handling various industrial applications, from automotive to construction, marine, and medical.


Our presses are highly customizable, with various models and specifications available to suit your specific needs. With advanced features such as PLC control, automatic pressure adjustment, and high-precision positioning, our hydraulic presses deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Whether you need to mold rubber products or perform metal forming operations, our hydraulic presses are the perfect solution.

We have been specialising in providing hydraulic press machine since 1994. We covers different range of press requirements, made-to-order, ranging from 20T press to 4000T press, platen size from 150mm to 8000mm.

  • Compression Molding Press

  • Joining Press

  • Rubber vulcanizing press

  • Stamping Press, Hot Press

  • Four Column type press

  • Frame type press

  • Various station curing press

  • Rubber Sheet Molding Press

  • Rubber Tile, Bricks Press

  • Vaccuum Vulcanizing Press

Customized features : Mold Push out system, Auto Mold Closing, Pressure setting

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