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Our rubber calendering line provides accurate and consistent thickness and texture for your rubber materials. Various solutions for different rubber products.


Our rubber calendering lines are ideal for producing high-quality rubber sheets and films.

The calendering lines are highly customizavle, with various configurations available to suit your specific requirements and handle different rubber materials.

Our machine offer precise control of thickness, width, and length, ensuring consistent results every time. With advanced features such as automatic tension control and temperature monitoring, real life production tracking system, our calendering solutions deliver optimal efficiency and productivity.

  • 2, 3, 4 Roll Calender Mill

  • Roller arrangement : I type, L type, T type, Z type

  • Rubber Sheet / Rubber Mat Making, Calendering Line

  • Rubber conveyor belt making line

  • Wide rubber sheet production line, wide-sheet extrusion calender line

  • Rubber Film calendering line

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